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News posted by Roey Izhaki 8 years ago

Explain mechanism

  • When allocating an invoice against the full transaction amount, remove the step requiring users to click 'Add transaction'. See post.
  • When the user has explained the last transaction on a page, the system should move to the next page. Point 16 in this post.
  • Fix: Hide Explained not showing when there are no more unexplained transactions.

Bank statement imports

  • Reliably import large files (upwards of 500 transactions)


  • Support VAT rates for all EU countries.

Final Accounts

  • Final fixes.

Lightweight CRM

  • Basic customer report.

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There has been a change that now means entering purchase invoices deletes prior used suppliers meaning a lot of duplication effort required

Just had a chat with live chat chap, and wanted to drop feedback on here. When copying another quote to make a fresh one. Why would you now make users scroll up through hundreds of clients and projects so we can get a clear box in order to add a new client or project. Before one just clicked the add button that was right there

thanks for adding more steps, already didn’t have enough time as it was.

stop messing and get on with fixing the godawful excuse you have disposed out into the public domain that you call your iOS app

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