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News posted by David Mays 8 years ago

This is just a quick one, but it is something that a few people have been asking for.

We have now added a user setting to allow you to specify who is allowed to see your Community Profile. You can fine-tune it prevent search engines (like Google) from indexing it, or you can make your profile page completely inaccessible whilst still being able to participate in the Community.


You can access these settings from the new profile settings page.

Note, that if you have selected Not Indexed or any option other than Public, that it will take some time for Google and the other search engines to "see" that you have specified this preference (usually about a day or two), but should remove their listings once this happens.

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Hi David

Sorry must be my eyes, but I can't see this on my profile, in fact my profile is just an image, is there any way to enter details about yourself?

Obviously, if I could do this I'd needs loads of privacy but, as it stands at the moment I doubt anyone would want to mess with (or abuse) my image? :-)

I believe that is something for the future - at the moment, your profile is literally just your name, the image we pull in from Gravatar (which is public anyway), and your contributions to the community. The profile page may well optionally offer more useful information in the future, such as a Bio, contact details, your practice and other things.

For now, though, the privacy option exists so people have the option to stop their profile page from showing in Google search results if someone searches for their name, and means we have less to worry about when we do implement these extra profile fields.

-- David.

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