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Praise given by Graeme Loudain 10 years ago

Must be a bit slow, as I have just realised that there is now a post (weekly?) from CB on what is being worked on. Terrific. Well done. I know that there is a worry that expectations are raised that are then dashed, but I think the balance of pros and cons is definitely on the side of giving information.

Well done to CB for moving position on this.


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Thanks Graeme,

It's good to hear from you. We feel strongly about involving our customers as much as possible in all that we do.


Thanks Chris. I have just created a post in the Problem section on this very subject that would help a lot if solved.

Hi Graeme, Glad you're finding it helpful. We're aiming to post an update once a fortnight so look out for the next post next week! Thanks, Hayley

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