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Praise given by Altest3 elliott3 9 years ago

Last year, I changed accountants and we use now have to use Xero - which is very good - but if anyone asked me what I’d recommend, I’d tell them to look at CB too.

In fact, I have continued to pay for access for 12 months after we swapped over, and I didn’t mind at all, as I presumed we’d need access. I recently ceased payments and closed my CB account.

Disaster! I never took a backup before I closed my account.

Mia, from Tech Support was on hand to help me - if she’d told me I needed to reactivate my subscription just to download (which she could have!), I’d have been pretty annoyed. However, that was not the case. She gave me 24 hours access for free to download my data. She handled this diplomacy, tact and like a real human being, and I really, really appreciate it.

Thanks again Mia. Don’t change a thing.

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Well done Mia & CB

Can't resists a swipe at Xero. You wouldn't be able to do this the other way around, not because they wouldn't allow you 24 hour free access, but because they don't enable backups, so make sure you take regular exports of key data.

It's been my absolute pleasure, Al. I'm truly grateful for your kind words.

Team CB will be happy to have you back in the future.

Thank you guys, you've made my day :)

Thanks team!! Outstanding support!!

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