Server speeds on the up

Praise given by Kevin Doran 9 years ago

Are they? They certainly seem to be unless it's just pure luck.

If they are, great news!

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Thanks for the feedback Kevin :) We have indeed been working on improving the speed of our application and our developers are thrilled you've noticed the difference!

Hi Kevin (and all other Clear Books users).

I was having severe speed problems using Clear Books a few months ago, with multi-second lags on clicking buttons, or on the highlighting of rows in a table on mouse-over, and such like.

What this actually came down to be was Internet Explorer: the problem didn't occur in other browsers. I only discovered this after upgrading my laptop to Windows 10, and using the new Edge browser: super-fast by comparison. I tried using IE on my new laptop, and the old speed problems came back.

IMHO, upgrading the Windows 10 and Edge are very much worth it!

Hi Simon,

Previously, Internet Explorer was one of the browsers that did tend to cause a lot of issues for Clear Books users. As such, we generally recommended Google Chrome for use with the system as it tended to operate much more smoothly. But the latest updates to the Microsoft browser and operating system have indeed had a marked improvement on how it handles Clear Books now. I'm very glad to hear that it is all running much better for you.

All the best,


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