Paul Scholes encouragement and help

Praise given by Graeme Loudain 10 years ago

Paul encouraged me to try CB after I had tried other accounts packs. Without that I would not have.

He has also listened to my early layman's feedback and asked questions to be sure he understood it. That was a big plus for me, because the usual response of a software company to 'Ideas and Suggestions' is to say they are great ideas and we will think about them.

Paul also told me that a number of developments were underway that would remove some and possibly all of my reservations.

Anyway, he spend some time and effort to help bring just one more user on board. Thanks Paul!

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Hello Graeme,

Thanks for your praise. I will be sure to pass it onto Paul when he comes into the office.


Thanks Graeme

Thanks also for the posts on here, a community forum needs activity like yours to keep it bubbling

Cheers Paul

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