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I wanted to produce my invoicing today, as I am extremely busy next week, and the invoices that are set for monthly, have not populated into the draft folder.

This is EXTREMELY inconvenient, and to be honest I have had so many issues lately with Clearbooks, I am wondering what is going on, it used to be such a good and reliable and lovely piece of software to use, but franky things irritations like this are likely to make me want to move (I have cleared my whole Sunday Afternoon to get get this done!!).

Please come back to me ASAP, firstly to say it had been fixed and secondly to explain why it was not available.

Charline Hurst Finance Director Stripe 21 Group

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Hi Charline,

I am extremely sorry about this - I have forwarded to our development team to investigate and resolve ASAP.

Hi Charline,

All March invoices should now have recurred.

Once again I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused!

This has happened to me today as well. the draft invoices have not been created from the recurring list as expected. I thought this was meant to happen automatically.

Hi Christine,

I am sorry for the inconvenience that this issue has caused you. I have informed the developers and they will rerun the process from our end later today so that your invoices get sent out.



I have recurring invoices and bills that have not populated this month or last. Any particular reason?

Hello Graham,

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

Can you let me know which recurring template has not populated this month or last?



Michael, Last month = PRC000007 not at all and PRC000009, which usually generates on the 19th only appeared in the last week of the month This month so far = SRC002541, which is due for the 1st of the month


Hi, Michael. Any progress with this? I still need to get this fixed. G

Apologies for the delay, Graham.

For PRC000007, the occurrences have been set to 12 so the template will stop generating invoices. You will need to increase this number in order to generate more invoices.

PRC000009 has been updated recently so it may have been the case that the occurrences had finished. When the template was then updated, the invoices were generated from it.

SRC002541 will need to have more than 12 occurrences as it began on 01/05/2012.

I update the recurring invoices/bills regularly - whenevr I have a message telling me that the occurrences have reached the end. I have had no such messages for those. Although the 2541 began back in 2012, as you so rightly state, it has been chugging along nicely until last month - well beyond 12 occurrences because I have renewed it from time to time.

So either something has stopped the bills and invoices appearing or the message that the occurrences have stopped didn't appear. I have obviously been using the system long enough to know about occurrence length.

In other words, that's not really an answer.

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