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Problem reported by Marie Hughes 7 years ago

My bank rec deleted items, are 'scored through', but still counted in the balance, making reconciling impossible!!

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I'd personally tend to reconcile against the balance shown within your actual bank statement as opposed to that shown on the import screen.

Hi Shirley,

If you import statements, the imported bank statement balances might be incorrect as they increment from the last explained transaction. If you haven't explained all transactions up to the date of your next import, the imported balance will not reflect your actual bank balance.

Kevin is right - try reconciling your actual account - the guide below should explain how to do this:

If you still have any problems just let me know though.

Hi, I don't know if you can see my bank statement. See 26/3. I deleted a transaction, as it was an error, and the sum was paid back in later. As you can see, the £2000, although deleted, has not changed the bank balance. This does not make any sense to me. Shirley

Hi Shirley

I'm not CB staff of course so i'm having to read between the lines here without seeing your a/c.

I think you're quite possibly using the wrong screens to reconcile from though. The screen you're referring to, your statement import, is just a means of explaining what each transaction relates to. I personally wouldn't pay any notice to the running balance on there whatsoever - forget it even exists.

Once correctly explained, all transactions will then show up within the appropriate bank account visible through Money > All > (click bank a/c in question). It's from here the running balance matters so it's this page you should be working from when reconciling against your physical bank statement. If you do that, you'll only be looking at transactions you've actually confirmed and the balance should in theory be correct i.e. deleted transactions won't appear for instance.

Hope that makes sense...

I'm just doing it how I was instructed when I first learned ( from a chap who taught himself!) I will try the proper method! Thanks Shirley

Ha no worries at all. As with anything in life, there's usually more than one way to skin a cat. The above method is how I would personally skin this one though!

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