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Problem reported by Stephen Youngs FCCA 6 years ago

I've just run two final submissions for 2014/15, and both times indicated that P11d's were due. The FPS/EPS submission report however reads 'P11d and p11d(b) forms are due no.'

Is this an error in the submission report, or is the payroll really sending the wrong answer to HMRC?

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Hi Stephen,

This could just be a display issue (I'll check this with the development team) - would it be possible to let me know which clients the submissions were made for?

Bibstone Limited (EPS) and Market Dojo Limited (FPS)

Would it be possible to re-try submitting another EPS final submission to HMRC on Bibstone - this will overwrite the old submission but the technical team can confirm whether this is a display issue or not?

Have done, at 16.34

Screen grab of relevant bit attached. Note the question (say 'yes' or 'no') doesn't tie up with the answers either ('due' or 'not due'). That's a bit nonsensical.

Sorry Stephen - it looks as though there has been a problem with this since yesterday. Can you retry this one more time on Bibstone - so I can confirm if this works with the Devs? Also the wording is awful - this will be updated.

I meant to say a fix had been added.

Have run again, and submission report now shows the correct answer.

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