Project Profit & Loss Accounts faulty

Problem reported by CJ Freeman 7 years ago

Something has gone wrong recently with P&Ls for each of my projects. Not all transactions are included in the P &L so the net profit or loss on each P & L doesn't match the figure on the summary list even though the report is run with the correct 'to' and 'from' dates. Have you made another change?

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Hi CJ,

This was reported by another user yesterday - I have raised this as a problem for our technical team to resolve and will update you with all developments.

Thank you, John. I do hope you resolve this quickly as I am in the process of drawing up end of year accounts and wasted a lot of time yesterday trying to discover why there were discrepancies.

I also have a similar problem. The profit and loss total does not include all of the transactions. However when I click on the toal figure the breakdown includes all items but the total doesn't seem to be correctly carried forward

Hi all,

The technical team have just reported this problem fixed. Please let me know if you still experience any problems.

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