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Problem reported by Caroline Wallace 6 years ago

P&L by project are not showing accurate figures. Breakdown of figures are correct although P&L page totals are way out.

If this is not just a problem on my account I suggest all ClearBooks users should be informed as a matter of urgency.

Total fuel spent on one project says £7,500 but the breakdown totals nearly £30,000.

I noticed this ten days ago and the problem has still not been rectified.

Not good ClearBooks.

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Sorry about this Caroline,

The issue with projects has now been fixed, however this is now going through code review. As soon as this has been put live by the development team I will let you know.

Thanks John. I am waiting with baited breath! I have a meeting tomorrow whereby I need these figures. Will it be today?

The development team have reported this as fixed - let me know if you still have any problems.

Thank you John. Just in time for my meeting. Well done boys.

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