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Problem reported by Peter Saxton 8 years ago

The website say that technical support is "available" for phone calls but when I phone I have been getting a recorded message saying all agents are busy and I am asked to phone back in ten minutes.

Chat doesn't seem to connect me to an agent either.

Do we have to resort to email or this form?

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There seems to be a similar problem with this forum!

Every time I have phoned technical support for weeks now I have had a message to phone back in 10 minutes. This is very poor.

I can't say i've had this problem in all honesty. What number are you calling?

I've probably only called a handful of times in the last 12 months, all answered fairly promptly. Submitted a couple of tickets last week and both answered same day.

Sorry to see you have been experiencing problems Peter,

From the logs I can see you were on live chat for a couple of hours on the 13th May. I can see you have requested an improvement to the bank import tool which would be a great addition - is there anything else I can help you with though?

John There's two issues:

  1. The email you get sent when the accountant gets an invoice doesn't seem to explain properly how to find the invoice. Should the email template need to be changed?
  2. What's the easiest way to find out when I started paying for each client's subscription? Kevin I have used the 020 3475 4743 number on the website.
  1. Home > Subscription > Payment Settings > Payment history (perhaps email template could be changed to make things easier).

  2. Home > Subscription > Subscription calculator is the way i'd do it (gives date of sign up as opposed date of first payment though I think.

That's actually not the phone number i've got saved but I think they all go through on the same hunt group or whatever so shouldn't be any difference.

That's what the email says: 'Home > Subscription > Payment Settings > Payment History'. When I go to Home I only have the following two options: Dashboard and Events.


You don't see this from within the Accounting module?

Hi Peter - you are looking at the Partners page, go to your "Accounting" this will give you Kevin's screen above.

Paul Got it now! Accounting > Home > Subscription > Payment Settings > Payment History

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