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Problem reported by Enoch Daniels 7 years ago

trying to import a sizable amount of bills from a csv file but Clearbooks does not allow me to do a new mapping instead the last import mapping for "Bills Payment" is imposed on me. I've tried this link "Clear Books remembers the mappings. To clear the mappings please click here." to clear the existing mapping but it still wont go away. Any help will to get rid of the previous mapping will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Enoch,

If you let me know what the company name is then I will be able to see why there is an issue with removing the mappings for that account.



The company name is Sabre Charitable Trust (Ghana).

Is "Live Chat" no more available?

I've managed to remove the mappings so you will be able to import the bills and map the file again. If you are unable to remove any mappings in the future then please send in a screenshot of the error messages and I will get our development team to take a look into why that is happening.

If you have any issues importing the file then feel free to send it in (to contact support) and we will carry out some test imports to find what is causing the issue.

thanks for the effort but I am still unable to import. the required fields seem not to change after i did the mapping, it still imposes those requisitions on my import making the data unusable for that purpose. Image "1" shows the available fields which didn't change after mapping Image "2" show how a 7 column data forcibly converted into a 4 column data (the 4 columns are exactly what i got on the preceding screen as available fields) I can attach and email the data if that will help because I am losing it thanks again



Hi Enoch,

Please do send in the file if you like and we can investigate further.

Just to let you know the required fields are fixed - the system needs to know this data to be able to create a bill. The mapping stage of the import is the stage where you can choose which columns on your spreadsheet relate to the appropriate field in Clear Books. As long as you map the required fields to an appropriate column from your spreadsheet then the system will allow you to import:


You also need an amount, however these do not show as required as there are several different options you can choose from i.e you only need one of the following: Unit price, Net price or VAT amount (if your invoice was 100% VAT).

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