Information entered in the summary box of the template not showing in the PDF invoice

Problem reported by Olaya de la Iglesia 9 years ago

Hi, I have looked everywhere but I can't find where this might have gone wrong. The information I type in the 'Summary' box in the invoice template is not coming up in the finalised invoice for the customer to see. It shows in all the screens within clearbooks, that is, in the list of invoices and in the saved invoice screen but not in the PDF or HTML versions. Am I missing something? Did I select an option somewhere to omit it which I can't find now? Thanks in advance.

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May I please ask the name of your account and which of your templates you are using please and I will take a look for you?


THe account is Rocket Heating and we are using the rocket heating final template. thanks in advance

Hi, has this been fortgotten? I have tried to call a few times but the line is always busy and recommends I call later.

Hi Olaya,

It looks as though the theme has been edited with the advanced styling tool - do you know who created this for you or did you download it from the directory? Unfortunately we cannot support changes to the CSS:


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