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GoCardless payments not marking invoices as paid

Problem reported by Paul Creedy 5 years ago

This has been going on since April. I totally rely on GoCardless updaing my invoices as I bill 99% of my clients monthly.

GoCardless payments are showing up on invoices (in most but not all cases) but invoices are still showing as UNPAID.

I've contacted support several times, and pretty much get ignored and no one bothers updating the ticket even as a courtesy to say they are still looking into it.

  • My customers are asking my why their invoices are showing as unpaid,
  • I cannot send out statements as they are wrong.
  • I cannot trust the dashboard figures, because they are wrong.
  • I can't chase clients as I don't know why has paid and who hasn't.

My customers are losing confidence in my business, and I'm losing confidence in Clearbooks. I may be a one man band and not that important to you in the grand scheme of things, but it's very important to me.

This is really bad customer service by Clearbooks.

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I'm really sorry about this Paul - this is still logged with our technical team. It seems as though this is a really complex issue to fix - it is currently top priority however I think the technical team are finding it hard to diagnose as it seems to be working for some and not others.

The way to fix it manually would be to quick pay each invoice using the GoCardless account:


You will then need to create a money out transaction for the GoCardless fee 1% of the invoice - capped at £2


Explaining this transaction to GoCardless with Bank Charges as the account.


If you would like me to update your account with these payments just let me know.


I can totally understand this being a comp!ex issue to fix. I work in the software development field myself. But to not update the ticket with progress over such a long period of time, even if there isn't any doesn't look good. Ignoring my further posts even if to say you are still looking into it is even worse.

The reason I haven't updated them myself is that I was waiting for a fix and there are a lot of them! I bill clients monthly, so 4 months of transactions from every client is a lot of transactions.

If you are able to fix them behind the scenes then please do so.

I am sorry about this Paul - we are currently building up our support resource at the moment.

The fix will not be a backend fix, however I can go through and update all invoices that have received GC payment while logged in to your account if that is ok?

If someone could do that it would be a great help.

Thank you

Glad I saw this post. The GoCardless integration has been a real headache. I am a small one man business and not that great with accounting. I used Clearbooks to make things easier for me and love GoCardless but recently noticed it not synced at all.

Paid invoices are not being marked as paid, when i manually mark it paid i now have an overpayment as the 1% is now not accounted for.

Now going to have to go onto each GoCardkless transaction and try and work out what to do and update them all.

John, any idea when this is going to be fixed. I see this post is one month old already.


Hi John

Are there plans for a fix for existing ones?

As you know I have a lot of existing ones that repeat each month.


Hi Paul,

When your new invoices generate from the recurring template and the pre-auth is taken automatically - these should also have payments allocated automatically. Do you have a new batch of unpaid invoices which have a pre-auth applied?

They usually happen around now, so the next few days should show whether it is now working or not.

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