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Problem reported by Andy Miller 9 years ago

The cashflow format does not display correctly on my screen The report being bigger than the white box it is put inside (dont know why white box is there) Using MacBook / Google Chrome / display / Yosemite . Happens irrespective of screen resolution.

Attach a small sample as detail is confidential


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Hi Andy,

I am sorry about this. May I please ask which browser and operating system you are using please?


I think you will find I answered both these points above - Google Chrome (Version 44.0.2403.157 (64-bit)) and Yosemite or OS 10.10.5 if you prefer


Also for reference please Safari Version 8.0.8 (10600.8.9) - it looks a lot like Chrome.


My bet would be the problem is in the selection of fonts. Either you're not specified the font at all or you've picked some Microsoft copyrighted font without a second choice for those of us who dont use windows. As a case in point our business almost entirely uses Chromebooks or Macs. If this is indeed the problem then you could make ClearBooks more friendly for what is certain to be a growing number of non windows users with a simple tweak that will take you 5 minutes to execute.

Hi Andy,

I just wanted to check if you were still experiencing problems with this?

Many thanks, Hemi

Yes! Still just the same. It is the 13th column so is an issue at the end of the financial year when you cannot view totals during final month. What is the font used?

Hi Andy,

The font we use is 'Open Sans' so this should not affect you on a Mac. I will refer this to one of our developers to investigate.

Open Sans was not on my Mac. However I downloaded and installed it, and just to make sure closed everything - rebooted - however the result remains the same.

Just to mention when investigating , in case column widths is a factor we are a business with turnover in the low single digit millions.

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