Restoring from Back-up File Not Working (AGAIN)

Problem reported by Ash Beech 7 years ago

I have attempted to upload multiple backup (.cbo) files to my account, but to no effect. Can you let me know why this isn't working?

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Hi Ash,

I have just tested this out and restoring from a restore point in the system did seem to work - currently you have two restore points on your account, are you trying to restore the 4th October point?

Morning John, Trying to restore from any point. I upload, I wait and nothing happens. Should I try uploading the .cbo file again. The .cbo file's not corrupted, it has remained untouched (it's not corrupted) since I downloaded it.

Hi Ash,

Would it be possible to forward in the cbo file to contact support - the development team will be able to investigate this further.

Thanks John, Just sent it over.


Nice to see you are still alive - I have been promised numerous time by the support staff that you will call me back regarding the CIS reporting problem that you had in May but despite numerous attempts through various different channels I still receive radio silence.

I am trying to sort things out with HMRC and need information form clearbooks and apparently you are the only one who knows what is going on with this so please call me back on 020 8998 6000. As you can see I am so desperate for a response I am crashing feeds to try and instigate a response. I am that fed up. Please put me out of my misery and please call me for a 2 minuet chat - that is all I need.

Andrew Low

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