Issue with csv imported entries having no live links

Problem reported by Keith Pocock 6 years ago

I have two sales 'bank' accounts (one for Cash & Cheque payments, one for Bank Transfers). Having used the Import Tool to import entries for both, I have numerous entries which are listed without any links, and the check box for reconciliation is also missing.

In all cases these should in fact be Transfers to the actual current bank account.

I cannot see any way to manipulated these entries. I am not sure how this has happened, and although I will lose a lot of work it seems I will have to restore from a backup correct the problems?

Please advise!! Thank you.



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Hi Keith

Can you give me the name of your company so that it is easier for me to have a look and come back to you.



Sure, it is Studio21

Thank you Latha

Hi Keith

I have identified your problem and may be better explained on a call. Thankfully it is not a major issue and just an account code error.

I have sent you an email requesting your number and best time to call you.

Best regards


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