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Problem reported by Tricia Brown 6 years ago

Hi, I created the Supplier (look up item) called 'Garage' - see attached, and when I use it the VAT treatment is not right - see attached. Anyone come across this before?

Also, do you know of a quick way of deleting about 30 or more transactions?

Thanks. Regards, Tricia



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Hi Tricia

From what you have shown, the bank explain boxes have been filled in by the "Garage" rule you've established, which will always ignore the supplier settings, which tend to be used for bills created for that supplier.

However, if you didn't have the rule to establish the VAT treatment then, upon picking the supplier from the drop down, the bank explain would then take the treatment from the supplier invoice defaults.

I'm afraid there is no way to delete transactions in bulk.

Hope that helps

Thanks Paul - that does help.

I'll check out the "Garage" rule - I wrongly assumed the "garage" rule and "garage" supplier were the same - DOH! Regards, Tricia

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