Due date = NaN/NaN/NaN

Problem reported by Kevin Doran 9 years ago

For a while now i've noticed due dates turn to NaN/NaN/NaN once you start typing the bill/invoice date in.

Happening in both navs.

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To add further...

Even when the due date has been amended I seem to still get an error msg saying 'due date must be after the invoice date' - which it is of course.

I edit it again and then it works.

Hi Kevin,

Have you got 'Fast entry date fields' turned on?

Nope, turned those off a good while back now. When I select the entity it's fine but the moment I key in the first digit of the date it changes the due date to NaN/NaN/NaN.

Hi Kevin,

I have been able to reproduce this when the date field is empty.

The NaN/NaN/NaN is an error which occurs when the calculation for the due date results in 'not a number'. This normally happens when a numeric data type value representing an undefined or unrepresentable value occurs. In this case, because the date field is empty and has no value, so the due date has no data to work with.

I have raised this with the team to discuss a more intuitive approach.


Hi this is still happening 27/4/16. is there a fix coming because it is wasting time having to edit date and re enter for every transaction? Rachael

+1 Really annoying

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