CIS verification feature

Problem reported by Taras Vynnytskyy 5 years ago

CIS verification feature is not working.

Is it just us or anyone else has the same issue?

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I don't use it but from past posts I seem to remember this being an ongoing issue.

Hi Taras,

Just to confirm, do you have Clear Books registered as your CIS agent in the Government Gateway? Also, can you please make sure that all your Tax and CIS details are entered correctly under Settings > Organisation > Details > Tax?


Yes, CB is registered. We submit RTI monthly via gateway

Yes, I believe it is but please do check it yourself. As I understand, if details were incorrect RTI would not go through too

Your details do seem to be entered correctly, as far as I can see. Do you mind sending us a screenshot of us being registered as the CIS agent in the Government Gateway to We just want to make sure this is set up correctly.


How can it be checked, where on Gateway?

I assume that the fact that we successfully submit monthly CIS returns for all our subcontractors via CB should mean that we are set up correctly?


If you log in to and send us a screenshot of what's under the CIS Agent section, that would be really helpful. We have no access to it, so this is the only way we can have insight into how it's set up. Many thanks.

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