VAT return - can't exclude 'VAT reclaimed in this period on purchases'

Problem reported by Justin Paget 6 years ago

Hi I'm flat rated. One of my expenses is over the £2k threshold, albeit made up of more than one purchase. The VAT return is showing the vat in Box 4, which I don't want it to. I tick the 'exclude' botton but it still shows up in the VAT return. How can I remove this please. Thx

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Hi Justin

What exactly is the expense made up of and what category have you posted it to?

As an aside, when you're ticking the exclude box are you trying to re-run the VAT return or confirm it? You have to do the latter to get it to exclude anything [which I think catches most out, doesn't seem the natural way of doing it].

Thx Kevin. It is a number of expenses items, none of which exceed to £2k mark. When doing the VAT return, I'm inputting the dates - search for invoices - then scrolling down to box 4 which offers the exclude tick box - then scrolling to the bottom of the page and hitting - create VAT return.

Expense items themselves shouldn't be showing full stop, fixed assets on the other hand [computer equipment for example] possible should.

Once you've clicked 'created VAT return' are you heading to the dropdown menu [top right] and re-selecting the VAT return for the appropriate period?

There may have been some computer equipment in the expenses yes. Once I've created it, yes, if I choose the that vat return in the dropdown menu and hit 'select' it still shows an amount in Box 4.

Without me seeing what's what it's hard to comment further. In the spirit of getting the VAT return submitted i'd drop them a ticket so somebody from support can jump into your a/c and take a proper look.

Thanks for your input Kevin :) Have contacted support. All the best

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