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Query with restrictions for new user and issues with ClearBooks support

Problem reported by Simon Williams 4 years ago

Hi there, hoping someone might be able to help as I haven't been able to get anywhere with the support team

I need to create a new user from 01/04/2016 but do not want them to have access to transactions pre this date (luckily there is on one year on the system). I also only want them to see one bank account, therefore excluding other bank accounts and loans, and only be able to see certain income and expense headings. They will require read only access.

The only way I can see in achieving this is to: 1) Export the transactions to 31/03/2016 for our files 2) Export transactions post 31/03/2016 to re-import 3) Reset the accounting information to delete all historic information 4) Post opening balances as at 01/04/2016, including debtors and creditors 5) Re-import transactions post 01/04/2016

In order to limit the new user's view of the income and expenses, I will then post these items to a non-descript code and analyse on Excel spread sheets.

However, not wanting to press the Reset button, if anyone has a more efficient way of approaching this I would very much appreciate it!

Many thanks, Katy

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Hi Simon - my immediate thought was that, if this was me, I'd rather reorganise the people than the data, but then I've already started on the Merlot!

I'd be more inclined to set up a new business starting 1 April and import an opening TB, contacts, debtors & creditors. In other words keep the old year live till HMRC enquiry window closes then take a backup file and close the subscription. Yes, you are paying for a dormant company for X months but it would be less grief I think.

Not sure though how you'd restrict access to just one bank account. CB has probably the most flexibility of all the Cloud systems I use in terms of user access and business tailoring, but this (and restriction to only a set of account codes) would take things to a new level.

Hope that helps.

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