OOOPS thats embarrassing...

Problem reported by Natasha Newby 6 years ago

I keep getting the error message above,

First when I tried to use the receipt bank integration to download invoices.

I tried this a few times with no joy so have then manually downloaded a CSV from receipt bank and tried to import the bills from there.

Unfortunately, I am getting the same error message!

I have a few hours left to submit my VAT return and I cannot import my invoices !!!!!!!!!

Help needed, I think Im going to have to do it manually which is no fun.

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I have now done an expense report on RB, and cross referenced back to CB to check for duplication's. Once I was happy I have tried to put the totals on CB as a single invoice. Problem Solved? No! As I get the same error message coming up trying to post a single invoice.


Try again. I had similar problem with VAT return, but that is fixed this morning.

Hi Natasha

Were really sorry about the issue you experienced last night. We've fixed the problem and are currently implementing a plan to ensure it doesn't happen again. Thanks for your patience and continued support.

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