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Problem reported by Andrew 5 years ago


could you please stop playing with new dashboard's design?? It quite annoying that every time I do open the Clear Books all functions and futures are at different positions and I can't find what and where was use to be.

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Hi Andrew,

The design of the Dashboard hasn't been changed in a number of years. The navigation was changed a couple of months ago and the invoice creation page was changed today.

Please make use of our updated Support guides, if you are not sure of where to find things: https://www.clearbooks.co.uk/support/guides

The boxes on the Dashboard can be moved around to your required positioning by dragging them around: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/uploads-eu.hipchat.com/36185/4243934/ZLcRgPS0vll6BMZ/upload.png

What, in particular, are you looking for?

Hi Aran, thanks for the respond. Could you please stop changing the navigation bars as it's quite difficult to find all features after your changes

Hi Andrew,

Functionalities and layouts are changed every so often due to a number of reasons, notably including much customer feedback. If there are common themes found in the responses from our customers, we take note and try to implement them where possible in order to improve the service. Of course, not everyone will respond to the changes in the way we would hope, however, we are open to amending issues that crop up after users have had a chance to work with them.

I make a point to remind customers to check the Preview area every so often, so that they have the opportunity to test any upcoming changes and send us their thoughts and suggestions before they are deployed. Changes are usually in Preview for a month before this happens.

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