Terrible changes

Problem reported by Guy Ferguson 5 years ago

We have been using clear books for years but the latest change will definitely be making us move. We are already researching other online accounting systems.


There we so so many other problems and shortcomings you could have addressed without touching and messing with layout, and visual look. It now takes ages to enter sales or purchases now...

Good Bye

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Hi Guy - you can switch back to the old screens via the Preview menu.

I currently use 5 cloud accounting systems and can assure you that, no matter how bad one feature is in one, there's always a distinct possibility of leaving the frying pan for the fire.

Unless you have already done so, you should feedback to Support, exactly what you find so poor. Many others have already done this, have a look at other recent posts and also the company Blog - https://www.clearbooks.co.uk/blog/

I'm confident that when it next goes live the feature will be far more agreeable but if it's not I'll eat my frying pan!

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