Posting directly into trade debtors/creditors by journal

Problem reported by Martin Briggs 8 years ago

I have just found out that you can post directly into trade debtors/creditors by journal. If this flexibility is to be allowed, then surely there should be a warning that the control account may not balance to list of debtors ? (possibly this warning could be toggleable {is there such a word?} on and off in settings ?

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Fear not, Martin! Journals to and from trade debtors show up as a separate line on the aged debtors / creditors report, so any such entry is clearly identifiable and reversable.

It's useful for period end foreign currency revaluations to retain the ability to journal to and from control accounts.

How to setting up Posting directly into trade debtors/creditors by journal, Please help.

Hi Hasan,

I would suggest using Sales > Unallocated Receipts for Debtors and Purchases > Unallocated Payments for creditors.


Thanks Tommy,

But here no option to show Debtor & Creditor in Journal? if have, please help how i found this, cause my sales realization transaction involve in many adjustment like LC Document purchase, Bank interest, FDR Build up, etc. that's why i need a option to Posting directly into trade debtors/creditors by journal. but here Debtor & Creditor ledger not shown in Journal.

Hi Hasan,

I see, you should be able to select Trade Debtors and Trade Creditors in the account, please see example below:



I suspect that Hasan wants to affect individual ledgers also, rather than just the control account. As such, he should use such work arounds as credit notes, write-offs, dummy invoices and/or a dummy bank account

Hi Martin,

Thanks for helping out! I was slightly confused with Hasan's original query.


Thanks, Martin and Tommy,

here i need individual ledger in journal not control Accounts.

Hi Hasan,

Apologies for the confusion, are you able to clarify on what you're trying to achieve?


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