When Explaining Bank Statement, screen keeps moving for a couple of secs, delaying start of allocation on every line

Problem reported by Graeme Loudain 5 years ago

So! I click on the line of a bank statement.

The screen:-

-Greys out for a moment or two -The line in question then appears roughly where it started on the screen -Then the line in question moves to the top of the screen

I cannot do anything with the line until it has stopped moving. This delays every explanation.

Is this normal?

Hard to explain withou a video!



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Hi Graeme - Do you mean something like this?


I thought it was just me! It was much worse last week on a statement with about 100 lines.

Hello Paul,

That's it exactly!

Well done, Graeme

Literally the most annoying part of CB right now. Bank probably takes x3 because of it.

Has it been reported elsewhere? I didnt know what to call 'it' so couldn't effectively search.

I haven't noticed it anywhere but then again i've hardly been on lately as so busy with Jan. It's probably one of those annoying things you just end up living with day after day whilst in the back of your mind thinking "surely they'll do something about this soon".

At least you took the time to post though, perhaps they didn't even know it was happening!

Hi Graeme & Kevin - the guys have been under the hood with hammers & spanners etc and it looks like the screen is now far more stable. Do you want to check it out?

Thanks for the update Paul. As of yesterday there was no change - so I am up to date with matching. I will report here when I next do explanation.

When you click the transaction and it refreshes so you can decide what to do with it, the transaction line on the statement itself needs to be in view I think - it's currently settling just below the line.

Ah yes, you're right Kevin - I'll feedback

Much better. But the line being explained is not visible after allocating a transaction - I think that is what Kevin said more eloquently than I have.

Any progress on this one guys? Having the line being explained hidden from view is really annoying and just causes you to have to scroll the screen back up slightly each time - i'd almost go as far as to say it was better previously as at least there was no need to click/scroll, just wait.

Hi Kevin,

Apologies for this. We currently have our Developers looking at it and we may have an answer for you by the end of tomorrow.

Hi Kevin,

One of our Developers has been tinkering with this and he thinks it should be working better now. Are you seeing an improvement?

HI Aran

Apologies for the delayed response - yes, all seems to be much better now - say thanks from me!

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