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Partial payments recorded in different currency

Problem reported by Alfredo Ramirez 4 years ago

When posting a payment to an invoice, it used to be discounted in the same currency of the invoice (considering you used a bank account in the same currency). Since almost a week ago, posting payments in the same currency are discounted using the main currency (the default).. both for bills and invoices

In the example blow, the bill is in PEN, all payments where made in PEN (from a PEN bank account), however it shows them as USD payments,

Also the report, for outstanding bills is wrong, shows the values of the payments in PEN , but the ammounts are really USD, so the total pending in PEN is wrong



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Hi Alfredo,

I have just escalated this to our technical team to investigate and resolve ASAP and I shall keep you updated here.

Hi Alfredo,

Just to let you know that this should be resolved and all transactions updated correctly - if there are still any problems just let me know.

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