problem opening pdf invoice attached to email [+1 merged]

Problem reported by James Benson 9 years ago

When I send an invoice to a customers email address and copy myself in, then open the email and try to open the attachment it says the attachment is corrupted.

I'm using mac and so do some of my clients so this has to work really.

I can open the pdf file from the website invoice list perfectly so it seems this might be a problem attaching the file.

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This is a problem that I have raised. I'm not sure of the status but kind of good to know that the invoice/quote attachments aren't working for someone else as the tech guys said they could open them fine? I'm running windows and the most up to date PDF reader.

The guys at Clearbboks support got this fixed for me today. For those with with the same issue you need to reset your PDF password protection. You do this here: Settings > Invoice Themes > Edit. I think, but I'm not certain, that you would need to do this for each theme where the PDF's aren't working correctly.

The guys aren't sure why this occurred but are going to look into it in more detail an find a better fix as I'm sure some people don't even know the problem is occurring.

Thanks to the clearbook support team, took longer than hoped but we got there in the end. Cheers

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