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Problem reported by Andrew Taylor 10 years ago

When I select a PDf file to upload and click Upload, I get this error: "Please, select a file to upload.". I have definitely selected a file. Using Chrome.

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I've just checked the attachmetns handler and seems it's working properly. Please ensure you are uploading allowed file types ('png', 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'tif', 'pdf') and it's size is 10MB max)

Yes, I'm following the instructions yet I still get this error. I am uploading a .pdf file using Chrome 25.

I am also having problems deleting an attachment. I get a checkbox, no delete icon. Is this an issue involving the length of the filename?

Hi Julie,

Which invoice is the file attached to?

I'm now getting a problem with this, I choose a PDF file and it just tells me it "Upload Files..." but then nothing happens. When I attempt to upload a file from within the quote itself I don't get the option to upload a PDF (only JPG), but even a jpg file won't load. What's going on guys?

The error appears to be Chrome related, did you guys not test these changes across the various platforms before making the visual changes?

I am using IE and getting the same issue

Also experiencing issues here. A small PDF document would not upload to a bill using Chrome. The button labelled "Upload Files..." is present and allows me to select the file but nothing happens afterwards (although the page did warn me when attempting to move away that a process was in progress).

Repeated the exact same steps in Firefox with no issues at all.

Incidentally, I also had an old file on the system available to attach. I didn't want this so attempted to use the delete option. Nothing happened. Trying the same in Firefox and all was well.


The issue is related to the browser's cache using the old version of the upload script. Deleting your cache will fix the issue.

Sorry about that.

When on the attachment/upload page try a Ctrl+F5. This is a hard refresh, or reload overriding the cache. Works with most major browsers e.g. IE, FF, Chrome. Non-windows machines may have a different key combo. This forces a reload of the script that has changed without deleting all your browser cache.

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