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Problem reported by Sabica N Ahmed 4 years ago

Hey, I just raised a VAT only invoice and now trying to delete or void that because its not correct but option to void it not showing as its coming in my VAT return working which is wrong.Let me know its possible solution ASAP so that i can void the Respective Sale

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Hi Sabica

You're right, if any VAT document has already been accounted for within your VAT return, it is not possible to remove or edit the numbers.

Ordinarily I'd suggest entering a credit note, with the same numbers and setting it against the invoice but, for some reason the credit note page doesn't allow you to enter negative numbers, ie the 2nd line, so you end up with a doubled up credit note for £5,400! (Support this is a defect).

The alternative is to write it off but, for some reason, I don't think CB will allow you to do this, although you can try.

So the only thing I can suggest to correct the VAT on the next return is to enter a Journal (under tools). Debit VAT control £450 and credit Revenue £450 ticking the sales VAT box next to each line. This won't get rid of the invoice itself but will cancel the negative Revenue and VAT liability d=created by it.

By the way, you can enter VAT only invoices with one line; put the £450 in the Gross box, change the VAT to Manual and enter £450 in there too.

Good luck.




Sorry my screen was showing no upload but I've managed to upload 3 shots! The first 2 are the journal, using my fees revenue account

Sabica's response on wrong thread:

No actually the thing is first a Sales invoice was being created without VAT and afterwards to include the effect of VAT i raised a VAT only invoice in which in one line i charge VAT against it and on the other line i put negative amount with the Same invoice amount so when i update this invoice the total is showing is zero because this Sales invoices is being raised the incorporate the VAT effect.Afterwards when i am trying to void that VAT only invoice which i created then void option is not showing against that relevant invoice.Hope now its better explained

Hi Sabica

Yes, I understood that but your VAT only invoice was wrong presumably because the total ended up as zero rather than £450 (the VAT), am I right?

So to remove its effects on revenue and VAT put through my journal above, then enter a VAT only invoice, as I describe, ie £450 in the VAT box and £450 in the gross box.

Thanks for your assistance Paul.


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