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Problem reported by Andy Gambles 3 years ago

We have thousands of customers in Clearbooks.

Processing a refund is becoming a significant issue becuase we have customers who have the same name.

If we do "Money Out" of account then "Refund" we are just presented with a massive dropdown list of customers and being able to select the correct "John Smith" out of all the ones available is incredibly difficult.

It would be much simpler to be able to Go to an existing transaction and have a Refund button.

Also make the Customer dropdown a searchable field so we can search by email to find the correct customer.

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Afternoon Andy,

In regards to raising the refund for a client, this can be done through their contact overview page selecting the "Create Invoice" button. Setting the invoice value as a negative value will create a refund for the client in question which then can be quick-paid or assigned to a bank statement transaction once creation is complete. Helping to alleviate the issue of not knowing which "John Smith" the refund applies to as the details will be pulled through from the contact page.

Being able to search for a contact using an email address is a great idea and would be a great addition to Clear books. I have added this idea to our development catalogue to be reviewed.

I hope this helps.

Andy - ever thought of having some kind of code system for your customers so they're more easily identifiable?

We have a code system for clients and this is entered as the "External ID" for each client in Clearbooks. However Clearbooks doesn't surface this information anywhere.

We have API integration so we might have to rework this so the customer is created as [CustomerID] - [Customer Name]

Does a Create Invoice is an option it is just additional steps which can slow the process. Again we may instead go API route for processing refunds.

"We have API integration so we might have to rework this so the customer is created as [CustomerID] - [Customer Name]"

Best solution I think.

Just to say can not use the "Create Invoice" and then quick pay method is not an option when the refund is via a multi-currency account which the majority of payments are.

We half solved this by editing our API integration to generate the customer name as [CustomerID] - [Customer Name].

We then built a one off script to loop through all existing customers and rename in this way.

I say half solved because the dropdown is still not searchable. You just have to be really quick at typing in the customer number so it almost selects the user. The dropdown is also alphabetical rather than numerical sort so it sorts as the following example:

136 1361 1362 ... 1369 137 1371

Ability to have the dropdown a searchable dropdown would be so much easier.

Morning Andy,

I am glad to hear that method of resolution was discovered.

Your request to implement a search feature to the drop-down listings has been submitted to the development team to be reviewed.

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