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Problem reported by Linda Irvine 9 years ago


I have a bit of a bug bear.

If I go to Reports > Aged Debtors I get a great report. I'm very happy about that.

However if I select 'Payments by Customers' I don't get a list of customer payments.

And why isn't it called Customer Receipts? I'm asking because this would be a very useful tool for me, especially when I need to know how much CIS we have suffered each month.

Please advise why the Payments by Customer' isn't producing the report I'm expecting.



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Hi Linda,

Could you tell me exactly what you mean here please? I have looked at this and, as far as I can see, the list includes all the amounts paid by/received from a customer. This can also be viewed per customer. this is not going to show you transactions the customer makes to anyone else but yourself.



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