No longer possible to have a zero quantity invoice line

Problem reported by Philip Lambe 5 years ago

At 9:46 this morning (19th April) Clearbooks made an unannounced change that no longer permits a line in an invoice with a zero quantity. Is this causing any one else a problem? They just threw their terms and conditions at me saying they can change anything they like when ever they like.

If this is a problem to you please get in touch with them as we may be able to get them to change it back.

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Hi Philip,

I believe we did speak regarding this issue. We are trying to continuously improve our software and fix defects which could lead to further problems. In this case, the 0 quantity and gross value were causing a calculation defect in which we decided it would be in the best interest of all our users that this would be resolved.

At current, the best solution I can advise would be to remove line items from an invoice if you had not supplied this to your customer.

I hope this helps!


Ah, is see you are removing functionality to fix problems. As an ex-programmer this is called a cludge and its a sign of badly written software or lazy programmers.

This "improvement" has made added a huge overhead to invoice creation for us so we are moving to Xero who do allow zero quantity invoice entries.

Hi Philip,

I'm very sorry to hear this, I will pass your feedback onto our development team.


Hi Philip,

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, I can assure you that the decision made was in the best intentions of helping our users. We cannot identify a reason for allowing 0 quantity on an invoice, rather, we offer the option for users to remove these line items entirely from the invoice if they had not supplied this item to their customer.


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