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Problem reported by Lizzie Fouracre 9 years ago

We have had problems with customer entries with Clearbooks from day one when we signed up ( a couple years or more). Most of our customers are people not companies. You have now made a recent change that means we can't have 2 of the same names (even though you have let us enter loads of the same names already). This is a problem of course when you only have 'Mr White' as the customer reference. Instead of including additional info in the customer search to identify the correct customer, you are asking us to enter/make up additional names to make an entry with no manual override (or at least there wasnt when I tried just now).

What do you propose to do?

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Enable 'Invoice multiple contacts' on the Settings>Invoices>Preferences menu. Add an identifiable unique name as the customer and as many contacts as required.

When you create invoices you will be able to select the appropriate contact.

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