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Problem reported by Clive Perilly 10 years ago

We invoice another company that uses Clear Books and as both companies have input their Clear Books User IDs when setting up the contacts the invoices we create are recreated in their draft bills section.

Our invoices have two or more items on them set to different revenue accounts. Unfortunately the draft the other company sees only includes the first item and not the others and so the draft invoice they see is incorrect. Please could you help with this?

The first item on our invoices is always set to the Revenue account, which in our coding is 1001001. This however comes through on the draft invoice to the other company’s Training Equipment expense account, which in their coding is 2001001. We also have that code but for us it relates to Cost of sales. The other company would like all the items on our invoices to go to their expense account coded 2001002. Is there a way to set up the invoice so their draft defaults to that expense?

We are not a VAT-registered company but the other company is. The draft invoice they see has the VAT set as ‘out of scope’ when it should be 20% from a UK supplier. Is there a way to set that as a default for them too?

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Hi Clive,

I'm sorry that nobody managed to respond to you sooner on here. Are you still experiencing this issue or has it been resolved?



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