Revalue foreign bank accounts not picking up correct rate

Problem reported by Rasa McClure 10 years ago

I am working on accounts for the company with multiple currencies.

I have used CB FX revaluation to translate balances on EURO bank accounts to GBP.

While checking and comparing FX rates provided by CB, I compared are produced after revaluation ( balance of 3,368.80 EURO after revaluation was 2,589.46 GBP), to rate on 31/10/2012 used by CB for daily transactions (sales/purchase inv, etc).

To the best of my knowledge,  two rates  should have matched, but results were: rate realised after revaluation on EURO account was 1.300966; whereas rate found in on CB website for 31/10/2012 was 1.2399443924.

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Hi Rasa,

I'm sorry that no one has ever picked up on this before.

I believe that this issue has been addressed, however, if you are still having difficulties, please let me knoiw.



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