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Problem reported by Tony Crundell 6 years ago

this is a right pain, can it be turned off at all?

its an even bigger problem if you are trying to get a customer signed up with Gocardless, as the Gocardless links wont work unless the email address is verified - it creates two things for a would be customer to do and a barrier to getting them done and being efficient

if the verification is down to data protection, we should be able to bypass it, the account owner is the data controllers for customers and as such have already been provided with both the customers email address to use and been granted permission to use it for this purpose

we've not seen any other software providers imposing this restriction

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Hi Tony,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to turn off. The main reason behind the requirement to verify email addresses is to prevent users from using the platform to send bulk unsolicited emails (spam).

Apologies for any inconvenience.


is anyone really using the system for this purpose, I very much doubt it

Hi Tony,

Unfortunately, we've have received this issue from our hosting provider in the past.


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