Editing an invoice with figures using 3 decimal places recalculates incorrectly.

Problem reported by Lee Ottaway 3 years ago


I created an invoice for a customer with product lines priced at £0.044 each. The popup box states that the calculations will be performed correctly, but only 2 decimal places will be shown. I checked and this did indeed calculate correctly.

I was asked to email the invoice to our customer, but to make it clearer I wanted to add to the line description (@ 4.4p each) to avoid confusion. On saving the invoice and emailing it to the customer, I'm made aware that the calculated totals now only account for the first two decimals 0.04 (not 0.044) and the invoice sent to the customer is wrong.

I now have the embarrassing situation where I need to email a new invoice to a customer correcting the old one. Due to an "accounting error".

I noticed that when I edit a line item, all of the boxes are made editable. The unit price section now reads as 0.04 and not the original 0.044 I originally entered and the invoice is recalculated incorrectly. There is no indication this has happened and a general user would never assume the amount due would change when the line description only was altered.

Clear books needs to be able to track 3 decimal prices across the board and not just cobble together a solution. In the meantime - at the very least when editing an invoice, if the amount due changes this should be highlighted/have a prompt when you save the invoice.

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Hi Lee,

Unfortunately, we only support 2 decimal places at the moment. However, the calculations will be correct. In this case, I would suggest including the 3 d.p. unit price in the description for clarification. You can then hide the Unit price on the invoice pdf by heading to Settings > Configure System > Invoice Theme > Click Edit for the relevant theme you're using > Scroll down to the Line Items section and select Hide in the Unit price dropdown.

I do apologise for any inconvenience!


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