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MTD - a bad experience for me

Problem reported by Gordon Ramsey 6 months ago

Signed up for the MTD pilot for 1 small client to 'test' the system - followed all the guidance - set up a new Agents Account, linked it with my existing Agents Account, got a new HMRC authorisation to act for my client - all to no avail.

The MTD onboarding fails - HMRC are not aware of any issues that cause this failure to produce a VAT return

The problem is that my client has been removed from my main Agents Account by HMRC and now resides in the new Agents Account. That means I can ONLY submit a VAT return via the CB MTD process - which does not work - effectively I cannot submit a VAT return by any means other than paper

Any suggestions?

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All sorted now - but the registration process is far from clear

Hi Gordon,

Can I confirm what the cause was? Unfortunately, the registration process is implemented by HMRC and we do try to make the onboarding process as clear as possible, but do realise that there can be confusion between the old Government Gateway ID and the new Agent Services account.


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