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Sales invoice project headings invisible on invoices

Problem reported by Sarah Hutchison 7 months ago

I have loaded some project headings which I need to have on the sales invoice to my customer, but they are disappearing from the draft/pdf invoice. How do I ensure that all the fields I require to be visible are?

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Hi Sarah,

Please go to Tools> Projects> Edit (pencil symbol by the project)> Use name on invoices?> [select] Yes

Hi Aran, have gone through all the headings I wish to use and they are still invisible... - in fact strangely, as I went through saving draft invoices so the customer could agree a format for me to submit, the headings got fewer and I now only get one line of description...

I also get the "Labour Revenue" heading at each entry line, which I do not want, that's for internal stuff!

Sarah, please will you email us at support@clearbooks.co.uk with the name of your company and the invoices concerned so that I can look into it?

Done, thanks - will check back in the morning

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