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Supplier invoice numbers

Problem reported by Jonathan 7 months ago

Despite having raised this a few years ago, there is still a limit on the length of a supplier invoice number (Bill #) to being " less than a number less than or equal to 16,777,215".

Why? This means you have to insert hyphens or slashes to fool the system.

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Hi Jonathan,

I've just spoke to our developers, when Clear Books was first built we only had 32 bit computers, so that's probably why that limit was chosen. Just out of interest, have you exceeded the limit in terms of number of invoices?


No, it's the number of numerical characters allowed in the Bill# field - and I don't think it has anything to do with 32 bit computers, you just need to make it so that the invoice digits can be >8 - say 16?

Hi Jonathan,

I do apologise, the maximum value you can store in a 24 bit field is 16,777,215.

I've raised this as a suggestion with our development team for our IT Engineering Manager to review. However, it's unlikely that we have any immediate intentions to make such changes as it is slightly an unusual situation where businesses require an invoice number larger than the imposed restriction and could give rise to potential bugs.


Sorry, of course, it's much more important to change the design of particular forms to look "cool" as has happened in the last year or so, rather than correct something that is "functional" and asked for by a subscriber (unlike the "cool" forms which weren't asked for by any of your customers).

Hi Jonathan,

Unfortunately, this isn't to do with a design problem, and more of a UX problem. By increasing this restriction, this will affect all other accounts and give room for potential issues. This has been referred to our development team to review.


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