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Uncaught SoapFault exception: [Receiver] Error validating field 'entityId': entityId does not exist.

Problem reported by David Cornthwaite 7 months ago

Hi, We are getting this error when creating an invoice:

Uncaught SoapFault exception: [Receiver] Error validating field 'entityId': entityId does not exist. It is on line 247 of the api code that is implemented. This has only cropped up since a migration of our web hosting. I can provide more details on request.

Many thanks Dave

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Hi Dave,

You are sending an incorrect entity ID. Unfortunately, the problem is with the code on your end, not ours, so we're unable to give you any more info on that. It may be that your data wasn't properly migrated when you moved web hosting.


thank you for getting back to me. Is there a way I can narrow what ID it is sending, we have gone for two days now unable to locate the exact error. Is there a log function we can use to capture this?

We don't know your code, so can't know if there's a log function you can use.

All we can really suggest is that you find the point in the code where the create invoice API call is made and log everything you're passing to it. Exactly how it is logged is up to you.

Alternatively, if you're getting a SoapFaultException, you could catch that and log/print the stack trace which should give some more information as to where the API call is happening and what data is being sent.

Thank you. How do we identify the number that is meant to match in the clearbooks? if the customer information that is being sent from our end is incorrect how do we know what is correct and what is meant to be sent?

I have spoken to our technical team about it who have recommended that if you are unsure of anything further, it is probably best to hire a programmer to fix it for you. Sorry I can't be of more help on this!

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