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From Ian Coupe


Just a quick observation, when posting lots of invoices - the facility to bulk e-mail them from the invoices screen has been removed on the new version. I have just raised 50/60 invoices and then had to go back in to each one individually to e-mail them afterwards.

Would be helpful to have that back

Hi Tony,

The new theme has been brought in to provide the following benefits: -

Faster single click navigation to sub-menu options
Allow all menu options can be seen, making it easier to work out which page is needed for a particular task
Up to date aesthetic

The new font is slightly shorter but also slightly wider than the font used in the old theme. We have had several comments about the font size, and will look into tweaking this to make our page more readable.

However, it is inefficient to develop code for both themes simultaneously, so I am afraid that the old theme will no longer be available in a few weeks.

Prior to the changes on Clearbooks, we were able to email invoice direct for the invoice listing page (sales / invoices (unpaid), by checking the box and at the bottom of the page was an option to email - This appear to have disappeared - is there any way to get this back as we send out loads of invoices each month and this feature is time saving.


Previously when entering a new supplier, I could fill in all the details in a single form. Now the form is split over several pages, and the click count is much higher.

Thanks for your reply, we and our clients are finding that the whole system is slower now than it previously was, and as others have noted customer and supplier entry is now over several pages - this is both more time consuming to enter and increases the risk of important info being missed all together.

Also the supplier and customer screens now show all paid and unpaid invoices in one place meaning that extra clicks are required to find out whose bills and invoices are outstanding

I don't want to be writing negative comments as I love the software but i really cant see how the changes made have improved the system in any way

Hi Charline,

Thanks for your comment. The multiple invoice email function is still available on Sales > invoices > unpaid. To use this function please select at least one invoice using the checkboxes, the email button will then appear at the top of the invoice list table.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback - the designers are looking into tweaking the font size and speeding up customer / supplier data entry.

@Ian - You can tick next to all invoices by clicking on the tick box on the left of the table header at sales > invoice > unpaid, then click on "email" to run a bulk email. This will need to be repeated for each page of invoices - see Tom's post above.

@Tony - the slow site is a separate issue which we are working on resolving.

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