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Importing Bills from a csv file - Line VAT rate Problems!

Problem reported by Wendy Williams 12 months ago

Hi I need to import purchase invoices into Clearbooks from csv files. But I cannot work out how to define that a purchase needs to be excluded from the VAT return or is exempt. The only options available on the Line VAT rate column when importing I think is 20, 5 or 0. If I leave it blank it defers to zero rate. I was told on the phone last week to Clearbooks to use 0:00 OUT for exempt purchases but this does not work at all. As a result, everything I am importing is getting included in the VAT return (including Salaries that according to the Account codes set up are automatically excluded from the vat return). Please can someone help?! I need to know what to use in the Line Vat rate for Outside Scope and Exempt purchases when importing as a csv. Thanks!

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Hi Wendy,

What you mention is correct about using 0.00:Out as the code to exempt the purchase on import. It would need to be written exactly as I have listed it for it to be recognized correctly. So, to clarify:


If this is entered it will exempt the transactions on import. I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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