Annoying Print page change

Problem reported by Rachael POTTER 1 year ago

Hello When you go to the print page it now only has 1 box which says ALL, if you click on it it drops a customise option which then generates a box you can select specific pages to print. This is an annoying update that has recently been put through given that inevitable the only thing on page 2 to the clearbooks name and the fact it is in English. It Wastes time having to paff around dropping boxes and clicking and wastes paper if you don't paff around.

CAN WE PLEASE GO BACK TO HAVING 2 BOXES on the screen so it defaults to printing selected pages as soon as you type into the page selection box like it used to. Thankyou.

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Hi Rachael,

I am not too sure what you mean regarding the print page. Would I be able to ask for a screenshot of the page so that I am better able to assist you?

All the best,


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