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Timesheet problems

Problem reported by Becky Slack 2 weeks ago

Your new timesheet configuration doesn't allow me to add tasks. The drop down arrow doesn't work. And because I can't add tasks, it wont save my timesheets. This is problematic for obvious reasons. Is this a known bug and what are you doing to resolve it? How long will it take for you to resolve. Thanks

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Sorry about this Becky - it looks as though there is a problem with this. I have escalated to our technical team to resolve as soon as possible - I will let you know when this is done.

Thanks. The sooner the better please, as I'm having to make notes elsewhere for now and it's going to make billing an administrative nightmare if it continues for much longer.

Hi Becky,

This should now be resolved - the Task should appear in the drop-down as soon as you have created it within the pop-out screen.

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