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Putting a disputed supplier bill on stop payment

Problem reported by Paul Barnes 7 months ago

I have seen old forum posts about how to work around Clearbooks not having this functionality - but is there any way of doing this now. I have 12 bills from a supplier but 4 of them are on hold due to errors at the supplier end.
I have others from other suppliers - makes the creditors report of no use when planning payments.

I can filter bills by All, Draft, Unpaid, Paid - even Void. Why can't CB add in a status of "On hold" or something similar?

At this point I have to keep a separate spreadsheet with a list of held supplier bills including references back to Clearbooks Bill Number, plus notes, and then remember to take these bill amounts off the amounts due on the creditors report. Painful and unnecessary with a quick fix on Clearbooks...

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I see, maybe try copy those 4 you want to be on hold save them as draft invoices and deleted the original 4.

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