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Problem reported by Kim Stevenson 3 years ago

How can I delete or break a statement link that has been sent out?

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Hi Kim,

In order to do this you would have to raise this as a support ticket by emailing contact support. We would then be able to assist you further with this.

All the best,


Thank you. We have been in touch with support and they have sorted for us.

However, the reason we had to delete is because the statement showed total history, invoices due, paid, estimates, quotes everything! Everything that we would not want seen.

Is there a reason why this has changed and statements are not just showing invoices due? I'm sure it never used to be like this and how can we revert back?

We just want a link that show a statement of account. No the clients full history.

thanks Kim

Hi Kim,

As far as I am aware, the statement has always shown the full details of the relationship with the client and that would include invoice history and any quotes sent which the client can accept from the statement link.

All the best,


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